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Case Studies

We are excited to share a diverse range of case studies that showcase how large and small organisations have successfully utilised HEIapply to enhance their applicant journey and achieve their enrolment goals.

View Aston University Case Study

Aston University

university Pre-CAS Processing Global

Following the retirement announcement of Adobe FormsCentral early in 2015, like many other organisations, Aston was forced to source a solution to replace it. Aston’s Pre-Confirmation of Acceptance (Pre-CAS) online questionnaire was previously powered by the popular Adobe powered form builder.

“It’s one of the most intuitive systems we’ve ever worked with and it simplified our workflow to a degree where it made the job enjoyable”
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university Applications Processing Global

Ravensbourne houses a community of approximately 2,400 students and over 100 creative technology businesses, emphasising creativity and collaboration. As per the traditional method of Institutions, Ravensbourne relied on UCAS for home based applications. Juggling between pen, paper, printers and spreadsheets; managing International admissions was quite a different story.

Ravensbourne were among the earliest adaptors to HEIapply using it as their primary platform to manage all international admission routes.
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View The Community of St Anselm Case Study

The Community of St Anselm

Religious Institution Applications Processing Global

The team running the programme had not previously administrated an application process before. They needed a system, and expertise to implement the system. Inviting applicants aged 20-35 of Christian faith for residential and non-residential participation from anywhere in the world, the Community of St Anselm needed a registration system to capture, review and manage applications.

Inviting applicants aged 20-35, of Christian faith for residential and non-residential participation from anywhere in the world, the Community of St Anselm use HEIapply to capture, review and manage applications.
Read The Community of St Anselm's HEIapply Journey

MiSK Foundation

Charitable Foundation Internships and Traineeships application processing Saudi Arabia

After the successful launch of the MiSK-Harvard Summer School programme with HEIapply in January 2017, Mohammed Bin Salman’s Foundation turned once again to the UK-based HEIapply to provide the end-to-end application and admission process for the Cisco and Siemens programmes - and as many internship and traineeships programmes that wish to arrange, in the knowledge that more large, multi-national companies are lining up to work with MiSK as a trusted partner.

After successfully supporting the MiSK-Harvard Summer School Programme with similar technology, MiSK turned once again to HEIapply to launch MiSK Traineeships in partnership with Cisco and Siemens.
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View PDO School Case Study

PDO School

International School Applications Processing Global

Based in Muscat, Oman, the PDO School is open to 3-11 year old children of expatriate parents working for the Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) and Shell. Throughout the year, Shell staff migrate from all over the world to work on the oil fields. Before moving they need to apply and secure a places for their children at the newly purpose built PDO School just on the outskirts of Oman. Like many other schools, the PDO School admissions process was based on a custom workflow that addressed their unique circumstances.

HEIapply gave PDO the ability to completely customise and mould the applicant journey, providing those applying with the best experience possible
Read PDO School's HEIapply Journey

South Essex College

With multiple campuses based across London in the UK, South Essex College welcomes national and international students from the age of 14 plus. The Further and Higher Education College, offer a vibrant and dynamic course range. Students benefit from state-of-the-art technology across the campuses, as well as the College’s links with local councils and communities.

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View Conde Nast College Case Study

Conde Nast College

Education Courses Bookings International

With a wide variety of courses and programmes and payments terms for each, Conde Nast College welcomes national and international students to their world renowned courses. They use HEIApply to provide an immaculate applicant journey tailored automatically to the aspirations of the the applicant, with embedded payment workflows and financial reporting we have significantly reduced the manual workload of the small admissions team.

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Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten, Amsterdam

HEIApply provides Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten with the tools to more efficiently process applications for their Open Call artist development programme, even though the volume of applicants and the quantity and size of supporting documents has increased significantly in recent years. The staff time saved through the utilisation of HEIApply enables the team to concentrate on providing the best conditions for their selection panels of jurors, which includes using a specially developed media viewing environment.

Read Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten, Amsterdam's HEIapply Journey
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View SRAS Case Study


Study abroad agency

SRAS are the leading study abroad agency for Central Asia, offering robust study abroad programmes rooted in deep local knowledge. With a joint focus on shared possibility, we have become a partner in the delivery of SRAS' programmes, providing technical solutions through HEIApply to bolster their back office processes, making the workflow transparent, trackable and benefitting from both automation and time-triggered tasks.

Read SRAS's HEIapply Journey

Metanoia Institute

Metanoia Institute is a well-established educational charity, specialising in the professional training programmes for counsellors, psychotherapists, counselling psychologists, supervisors, coaches and organisational development consultants. HEIApply helped refine their application process to provide a consistent professional experience, improve customer service, and facilitate data collection that enabled compliance with HESA, an external agency regulating the higher education sector.

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View In Our Place Case Study

In Our Place

HEIApply partnered with In Our Place to create a platform that hosts online learning materials and provides simple and robust means of accessing those materials to enable parents and carers whether they are sponsored by a school or healthcare provider, or they find the courses for themselves.

Read In Our Place's HEIapply Journey

Anglo Educational Services

Anglo have a stellar reputation for arranging work experience in the UK to students from the US. With a strong network of partners in colleges across the United States, Anglo can harness the power of a cloud based system to work with these partners as a team, offering a seamless experience to students that college staff nominate.

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View Go Go World Case Study

Go Go World

Go Go World know what they are doing to recruit students from around the world and bring them to Japan to study at any one of the many Language Schools they recruit for across the country. HEIApply allows the right application form to be completed for the right School, and guides all parties through the complex workflow of application management, Certificates of Eligibility and visas.

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