The need for a flexible and adaptable system to serve students and institutions alike
Partnering with the go-to study abroad agency for Central Asia

Why we are powering the apply now button

Extensive knowledge of Central Asia - and their understanding of curricula and colleges in the U.S. - means that SRAS are able to craft memorable and robust learning experiences for students across the Unites States, making them the go-to agency for colleges and students alike.

Fielding inquiries from both students and educators, as well as making the application process smooth, transparent and trackable, HEIApply is the technology solution SRAS needs to ensure that opportunities for study programmes in Central Asia are open to all.

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Challenge 1

Catering for institutions and individuals

SRAS partner with universities and colleges across the United States and offer study abroad programs to institutions and individual applicants, and their course catalogue caters to both. They needed a system capable of dealing with information delivered in bulk, sometimes submitted directly from their partners, as well as one catering for the needs of individual applicants.

Challenge 2

A many step process

Getting students to their study abroad location for field trips or longer stays is a process with many steps - initial inquiries, assurances about credit-bearing programs, applications for accommodation and study visas, supplying information about health and next of kin... the system had to withhold a complicated checklist for each student.

Challenge 3

Gathering private data

Students studying abroad have to provide a lot of sensitive data - including passport and visa details, school funding, temporary residences - and this must be collected, transmitted and stored securely, as well as accessed swiftly at need.



Custom forms
HEIApply has no limit on the number of forms that can be used, the places they gather data and the information they ask for.


Task management
Building from checklists of criteria, HEIApply gathers tasks in one place, with at-a-glance progress available on the dashboard.


Course catalogue
Applicants and institutions can view courses on offer and click through to inquiry and application forms that log their interests.


Add partners to the system, so that communication and document submission can be tracked and tasks completed.


Bulk data management
Upload and manage data in bulk to streamline the process of working with batches of student data.


HEIApply allows forms to exist in many different languages to make it easy for applicants to provide the right details.

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