Data Security & Availability

Last updated: February 22, 2023 – Version v1.1

Protecting your data

We’re committed to the security of our customers’ data and provide multiple layers of protection for the personal and financial information you trust to HEIapply.

You control access

As a HEIapply customer you have the flexibility to invite unlimited users into your account to collaborate on your data, and the person that holds the subscription has control over who has access and what they are able to do. Our customer support staff cannot access your information unless you invite them to help. Please see our privacy policy ( for further information.

User authentication

We provide standard access to the HEIapply software through a login and password. We also offer two-step authentication(which you can add to your account).

Our Terms of User and Privacy Policy all reference the importance of keeping your secure password safe at all times.

Data encryption

We encrypt all data that goes between you and HEIapply using industry-standard TLS (Transport Layer Security), protecting your personal and financial data. Your data can also be encrypted at rest when it is stored on our servers, and encrypted when we transfer it between data centres for backup and replication.

Network protection

HEIapply takes a “defence in depth” approach to protecting our systems and your data. Multiple layers of security controls protect access to and within our environment, including firewalls, intrusion protection systems and network segregation. HEIapply’s security services are configured, monitored and maintained according to industry best practice. We partner with industry-leading security vendors to leverage their expertise and global threat intelligence to protect our systems.

Secure data centres

HEIapply’s servers are located within enterprise-grade hosting facilities that employ robust physical security controls to prevent physical access to the servers they house. These controls include 24/7/365 monitoring and surveillance, on-site security staff and regular ongoing security audits. HEIapply maintains multiple geographically separated data replicas and hosting environments to minimise the risk of data loss or outages.

Security monitoring

HEIapply’s Security team monitors security systems, event logs, notifications and alerts from all systems to identify and manage threats.

Availability & Scale

HEIapply is there when you need it, regardless of the day or time, or where you happen to be.

Best in class availability

With a record of 99.99% uptime, HEIapply delivers best-in-class availability. We use multiple redundancy technologies for our hardware, networks, data centres and infrastructure. These ensure that if any component fails, HEIapply will keep on running – with little or no disruption to your service.

Built to perform at scale

HEIapply has been designed to grow with your business. Our high performance servers, networks and infrastructure ensure we can deliver quality service to you and our other users.

Disaster recovery and readiness

HEIapply performs real-time data replication between our geographically diverse, protected facilities, to ensure your data is available and safely stored. This means that should even an unlikely event occur, such as an entire hosting facility failure, we can switch over quickly to a backup site to keep HEIapply and your business running.

Your online safety

We design security into HEIapply from the ground up. However, there can be risks to working and playing online. Whether you’re shopping, banking, doing your accounts, or simply checking your email, cyber criminals and scammers are always looking for ways to steal money or sensitive information. There are precautions you can take to reduce the risks and help keep you safe from harm online.

Phishing and malicious emails

A phishing email is a favoured way for cyber criminals to get access to your sensitive information, such as your usernames and passwords, credit card details, bank account numbers, etc. This kind of email may look as if it has come from a trustworthy source, but will attempt to trick you into:

Once you are hooked, the cyber criminal may be able to steal or extort money from you, or gather sensitive personal or business information that they can use for other attacks. However, you can protect yourself and your business by being aware of these scams, and by knowing what to look for that may help you identify a malicious email:

These are just a few of the things to watch out for. There’s a lot more information and tips available on the web. But even if there’s nothing specific you can point to, the email may just not “feel” right. Trust your instincts, and don’t get hooked.

If you suspect you’ve received a phishing or malicious email, and it says it’s from HEIapply or uses HEIapply logo, do not click on anything in the email – please report it by forwarding the email to

Try to avoid a phishing attack by following these rules

If you receive a suspicious email make sure you:

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