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The need for a professional admissions process
One that reflects the reputation of this well-established charity in the development of therapeutic skills

Why we are powering the apply now button

Metanoia Institute is a well-established educational charity, whose specialist professional training programmes combine a focus on the therapeutic relationship, with a sound and coherent theoretical basis that can be flexible and responsive. They need a fit-for-purpose admissions system that enabled them to provide high levels of customer care and collect relevant data.

HEIApply delivered an application process that provides a consistent professional experience, and ensures rigorous data collection using validated fields. This enables Metanoia Institute to comply with reporting requirements from external agency HESA as well as creating a responsive application form with conditional logic that facilitates the ultimate applicant journey.

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Challenge One

Multiple application routes and levels

Metanoia Institute offer professional development courses at a range of levels - from introductory sessions and short courses right through to PhD candidacy. The admissions process for different levels of study and different disciplines varies, and the ability to create an admissions process that reflected these various routes was a critical requirement.

Challenge Two

Compliance with HESA regulations

HESA collates information from higher education institutions - and that means a rigorous reporting requirement. Metanoia Institute needed to be able to collect the data requested by HESA with every application, readily retrieve that information and ensure data received was consistently formatted to remove the need for an additional layer of cleansing.

Challenge Three

Varied fees collected directly through their website

Metanoia Institute collect tuition and workshop attendance fees directly through their website. They wanted an integrated payment platform that allowed for a range of fee levels and fee structures. They also wanted flexibility to regularly review and change fees to reflect their position as a charity and learning provider serving the therapeutic professions.



Custom forms
HEIApply has no limit on the number of forms in use, the places they gather data and the information they ask for - which can be determined by conditional logic.


Flexible reporting
HEIApply's data filters provide flexibility about how data is viewed and collated. Sets of filters can be saved to enable quick access and ensure dynamic reporting.


Payment integration
HEIApply interfaces with a range of payment platforms and provides flexibility to determine fee levels and plans, extending the functionality of existing systems.

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