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The Need for High Speed Conversion
High volumes of national and international applications meant the FE and HE College needed faster conversion.

Why we are powering the apply now button

With multiple campuses based across London in the UK, South Essex College welcomes national and international students from the age of 14 plus.

The Further and Higher Education College, offer a vibrant and dynamic course range. Students benefit from state-of-the-art technology across the campuses, as well as the College’s links with local councils and communities.

See how they're using heiapply and what their live applicant portal looks like


Challenge One

High Volume Applications

Facing high volumes of incoming applications, South Essex College were faced with the need for high speed conversion. The ability to download and print in bulk at the click of a button was paramount to the application management process, as was the need for a highly automated online system that works.

Challenge Two

Multiple Courses and Routes

With multiple courses and different assessment routes for each course, they needed a system that could respond to the challenges of the Further and Higher Education Sectors in an affordable budget, with measurable efficiency gains.

Challenge Three

Existing Course Database

The College ideally needed a system that would allow integration into their existing and already extensive course database, acting as a Course Finder to support applicants on their journey into education at South Essex.



Admissions Events
HEIapply was assessed against the market of alternative solutions with the customisability in mind to tailor to the specific requirements of South Essex. The 'Admissions Events' functionality in HEIapply was formulated with the requirements of the College in mind, enabling South Essex to manage open days, interviews and enrolment events all from within the platform.


Seamless Connection & Communication
South Essex can benefit from seamless connection between their existing course database, website experience and application system using HEIapply. Selected add-ons such as high volume SMS ensure direct and effective communication with prospective applicants.


Bulk Printing
Finally, using the HEIapply bulk printing feature ensures that high volumes of prospective applicants can be processed rapidly and easily.


On South Essex website, they have got a great Course Finder to allow prospective students search, filter and find the right course for them.


The prospective student can discover more about that selected course, the entry requirements and any questions and comments about that course.


The prospective students selects an intake, and presses Apply Now. Seamlessly you are taken into South Essex HEIapply Applicant Portal with the correct Course and Intake pre-selected and the ultimate applicant journey continues.

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We used a blend of features and functionality to create the ultimate applicant journey for South Essex College applicants using the following solutions:
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