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The need for an inclusive learning platform
One that creates a community of engaged parents and carers

Why we are powering the apply now button

In Our Place is an online learning provider offering parents and carers courses that develop parenting skills and deepen understanding of their children. It partners with schools and healthcare providers to ensure the best start for children and the best support for parents and carers.

HEIApply partnered with In Our Place to create a platform that hosts online learning materials and provides simple and robust means of accessing those materials to enable parents and carers whether they are sponsored by a school or healthcare provider, or they find the courses for themselves.

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Challenge One

Offering courses to all

The robust and well regarded courses developed by In Our Place can help all parents and carers, and it was important to the practitioners that developed the courses that the material be available to anyone that needed it. The online learning platform had to be open, welcoming and accessible.

Challenge Two

Enabling payment from a range of sources

Parents and carers come to In Our Place from a variety of sources - schools and healthcare providers can sponsor learners, access codes to specific materials can be granted, and learners may also find the courses through their own research. In Our Place needed to be able to provide simple means of access no matter how the course is being paid for.

Challenge Three

Communicating about course updates

In Our Place continue to develop resources and material to help parents and carers. When new resources are available, In Our Place need to communicate quickly and effectively with all learners at the right course level.



An open and welcome platform
A simple sign up form provides a low barrier to entry for everyone, from self selecting parents to cohorts of carers guided by schools and healthcare services.


Flexible payment options
A range of integrated payment platforms, and a completely customisable financial workflow and fee structure can cater for both sponsored and self-financing learners.


Sharing updates easily
Active and past learners can be easily searched and filtered by level, making it easy to create specific mailing lists for widespread communication.

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