Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten, Amsterdam

The need for an admission process that was smooth and efficient for a small team
One that reflected the unique method of selection that has kept Rijksakademie a sought after place to learn, test, inspire and be inspired

Why we are powering the apply now button

Rijksakademie's long history and sterling reputation make their development opportunities highly sought after. The volume of applications has increased in recent years and with it, the quantity and size of media that must be processed for each application.

HEIApply provides a robust platform that hosts application forms and artists' media in support of their practice. It enables artists from all over the world to apply for development opportunities during the annual Open Call and ensures Rijksakademie staff provide the ultimate applicant journey.

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Challenge One

Growth in submitted media variety, quality and size

As digital photography and video have become more accessible, Rijksakademie have seen a considerable uptick in the quality and variety of media that artists wish to submit in support of their applications to the Open Call. The result is that staff were spending lots of time transferring large files and checking that media was viewable. With no end in sight for the increase in submitted media, a new system for processing these submissions was crucial.

Challenge Two

Evolving requirements

Rijksakademie review their pool of applicants and selected artists after each Open Call, and therefore regularly identify information it would be useful to track. It is important to be able to make changes to application forms as part of this review process. As a result, Rijksakademie looked for a solution that would allow flexibility to change forms at need and for that process to be easy for administrators to undertake.

Challenge Three

High volume of communication at peak times

Rijksakademie academic staff are primed to receive very high levels of electronic communication in the weeks leading up to the deadline for applications and had traditionally managed the process of responding to applicants through the usual inbox. However, finding messages and reviewing previous communication was a time-consuming process. In addition, collating contact details for applicants where problems with submissions were evident required a lot of manual effort.



Document upload and view
Applicants can upload media in a wide range of formats. These are stored in the cloud, which removes the need for tranferring files from place to place. HEIApply also offers an elegant method of viewing media that provides information about the media on display.


Communication inbox
Using the HEIApply portal to communicate with applicants has saved staff lots of time. Messages are automatically included in the applicants timeline making it easy to see the applicants history, and the ability to filter applicants streamlines the process of communicating in bulk.


Easy to customise forms
Rijksakademie find the form builder and editor user-friendly and fast, allowing them to make changes and add new forms as they need to without any technical assistance. There is no limit to the number of forms that can be created, and they can be embedded on any web page.

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