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The Community of St Anselm's Journey With HEIapply as an Admissions System

Lambeth Palace in Central London is home to the Archbishop of Canterbury
whose inaugural programme ‘A Year in God’s Time’ was launched for the first time in 2015.


The team running the programme had not previously administrated an application process before. They needed a system, and the expertise to implement the system.

HEIapply was assessed against other systems available for ease of use, ease of tailoring and global accessibility allowing applicants to login and apply from anywhere in the world.

It was also readily available with standard functionality and the speed of delivery being promised was key in adopting the HEIapply solution.

With the specific requirements of St Anselm, HEIapply was promptly delivered in 3 phases to meet their needs both quickly and fully. The 3 phase delivery of HEIapply was refined to deal with St Anselm’s exact requirements at each stage.

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The Challenges

They had to establish an application procedure from scratch that would offer an efficient and automated method of registration for securing applicants.

Inviting applicants aged 20-35 of Christian faith for residential and non-residential participation from anywhere in the world, the Community of St Anselm needed a registration system to capture, review and manage applications.

Our Solution

Applicant & Admin Portal:
An applicant portal was set up with the aim of allowing applicants to register online, complete an application form and return later to review progress. The admin portal was setup to receive submitted applications, view incomplete ones and process them as required. Both portals were customised to meet the specific needs of the St Anselm team and provided access to in-built communication functionality, removing the need to switch to an email

Workflow customisation & application processing:
Through custom workflows and processing rules, decision making processes were made simpler and faster. The rules required by the team at St Anselm revolved around initial selection as well as then secondary selection for shortlisted applicants. Programming manual outcomes standardised and automated the process for maximum efficiency.

Custom reports:
in addition to HEIapply standard tabular and graphic reports which are generated based on data captured within the software, we set up custom reports to meet requests specific to St Anselm.

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