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MiSK Foundation turns to HEIapply’s end-to-end admissions solution twice this year
After successfully supporting the MiSK-Harvard Summer School Programme with similar technology, MiSK turned once again to HEIapply to launch MiSK Traineeships in partnership with Cisco and Siemens.

Why we are powering the apply now button

Large multi-national companies want to have the best interns and trainees working in their business from the leading universities, and increasingly they are turning to organisations like the MiSK Foundation to help recruit and assess prospective applicants. Two such companies are Cisco and Siemens, who have teamed up with MiSK Foundation.

The initiative was set up to launch internship and traineeship programmes in Saudi Arabia, seeking applicants from the leading Universities in the Kingdom. The MiSK Traineeships programme gives talented young people the attractive opportunity to train for up to 9 months at Cisco or Siemens.

After the successful launch of the MiSK-Harvard Summer School programme with HEIapply in January 2017, Mohammed Bin Salman’s Foundation turned once again to the UK-based HEIapply to provide the end-to-end application and admission process for the Cisco and Siemens programmes - and as many internship and traineeships programmes that wish to arrange, in the knowledge that more large, multi-national companies are lining up to work with MiSK as a trusted partner.

Starting with a significant amount of functionality that MiSK needed coming ‘out-of-the box’, we were able to complete the set-up in less than one month. This meant that MiSK could meet the deadlines, and recruitment on behalf of Cisco and Siemens could start sooner at leading Universities.



The solution uses many features that were available out-of-the-box, and included in our standard set-up, hence the speed of delivery.


Multiple Landing Pages so MiSK can control the Applicant Journey from their website and social media campaigns even more - applicants don't even have to pick the Programme if they have come through a particular marketing channel.


Scoring and Ranking of applications is all handled with bespoke algorithms, taking the hard work out of it for MiSK Administrators.


Reports and Dashboard stats that instantly give you the right information at the right time to help MiSK and the Companies make the right decisions.


Collecting and assessing GPA and IELTS status has never been easier! Applicants provide information that is exactly what MiSK need to help them identify the best applicants.

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We used a blend of features and functionality to create the ultimate applicant journey for MiSK Foundation applicants using the following solutions:
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