We understand that your Work Abroad Agency offers a range of counselling, consulting and immigration services to your applicants looking to access international work experience. Your job is to attract applications and help to secure them their best matched job, internship or placement with one of your partners, by running seamless recruitment and applications processes.
HEIapply is empowering work abroad agents worldwide to do exactly this. We help agents to manage partners better, improve the applicant journey and give the team the CRM tools they need to support the growth of your work abroad business. Our intuitive web-based system is designed to reflect your existing processes entirely online, enabling you to refine and improve them to provide the ultimate applicant journey.

The Challenge

Work abroad agencies operate worldwide with interest from potential applicants in their country to study overseas. Enquiries are followed up and converted into applicants, with agents supporting them in choice of work experience, country and company as well offering any relevant visa and immigration advice. This means that a collaborative approach in sharing relevant information with partners and government authorities is vital.

As if this wasn’t complex enough, the choice available to the applicant is so great now, that even the most selective work abroad agency needs to ensure that the applicant journey is seamless, supporting the applicant to engage in the process at every stage, to attract the best potential. With high levels of manual effort involved, agents are at risk of falling short on delivering the applicant journey the modern day applicant expects.

Our solution

HEIapply recognises the need to help work abroad agents capture international work experience enquiries from prospective candidates and turn them into applications ready to bring to the attention of their partners.

Our out-of-the-box customer relationship management (CRM) software is ready to go with separate but connected 'administrator/agent' and 'applicant' portals in place, and is able to be configured for every application route that you can imagine. Our available offering of add-on features including visa compliance and extended payment gateways help to compliment and tailor to your agency's specific requirements without additional build time.

We know that speed, cost efficiency and finding the best applicants are hugely important to you. We also know that getting good reporting, efficient document management and robust system integration is important to you as well. That’s why we work with you to ensure that we have all the vital ingredients to create your perfect paperless application solutions.

After agreeing on the perfect recipe and receiving everything we need from you, we get your environment ready to go and can welcome you on-board in just 18 days!

Carry on scrolling down to find out more about HEIapply. Why not compare us against alternative solutions and see if we can be your chosen partner to help you deliver your ultimate applicant journey?

Powerful Application Focused Features and Tools

HEIapply comes with a wide variety of key features readily built and out of the box. This allows us to customisable the entire solution to meet your business processes & budget.

  • Enquiry Management
  • Manage Admissions Events
  • Unlimited User Accounts
  • Advanced Application Form
  • Send Bulk Emails
  • Telephone/Skype Support
  • Inbuilt Messaging Feature
  • Available On Any Device
  • Ready, out of the box
  • Quickly access the right applicant
  • Automatic Translation
  • Track conversion

Your application forms online

Provide applicants with a way to easily complete their forms online

Seamless Enquiry to Applicant Conversion

To enhance your HEIapply environment you can choose to add on optional functionality. You do NOT need to add these on, but in doing so you improve the feature and functionality available to you to meet your objectives.

  • Set up and receive inbound enquiries from your website

  • Covert them to applicants when ready

  • Provide a seamless journey from enquiry to enrolment

Offer applicants beautiful device responsive online application forms

  • Allow applicants to complete and submit their application forms online

  • Your online forms will be fully responsive meaning they will work on any internet connected pc, smart phone, tablet or portable device

  • We have designed HEIapply to maintain your brand colours and design regardless of the device used

Collect information from your applicants at the right time in your processes

Not only is it your Application Form, that can adapt depending on the Programme that they are applying for; but also Supplementary Forms can be introduced to create a two stage application process, a post-offer/acceptance registration form, or an early leaver/exit/evaluation form, as you wish.

You can also introduce multi-stage Application Process, by requiring important files to be submitted only as part of a later stage (i.e. only after accepting an offer does the Applicant need to submit a additional information)

Here are some examples of supplementary forms that we have embedded:

  • Enquiry Form

  • Disability Form

  • Registration Form

  • Booking Form

  • Enrolment Form

  • Additional Learner Support Needs Form

  • Feedback Form from Reviewers

  • re-registration forms

  • Safeguarding Form

  • Immigration History Form

  • Bursary Application Form

  • Evaluation Form

  • Ethnicity Form

  • Scholarship Application Form

  • Feedback Form from Applicant

Transform the way you communicate with applicants

  • The messaging feature allows for smoother communication with applicants during the application process and beyond

  • Reply directly to messages that you receive

  • Gain 100% deliverability on all messages sent via the communications inbox

  • None of your messages get caught in spam boxes

  • Get notified when messages have been delivered, opened and read

  • Keep a solid audit trail of all communication: all messages are captured and stored securely

Re-imagining your application process

You can now provide all applicants applying with the ultimate applicant journey. We have just made it simple with our agency crm software, and more importantly; we've made it yours.

Your portals

Multiple environments can be created for your applicants, administrators and partners.

Your forms

Single or multiple page, as many as you need available on the chosen page of your website.

Your processes

Create as many journeys as you require per job type or country through our Routes and Workflows setup.

Your notifications

Automated to keep your team and your applicants informed at every step of the way.

View Entire Workflow Diagram Here

The entire process above is available out-of-the-box and is ready to use!

Extra customer support is available to customise for high volume and high complexity – we are ready to take on your agency and show you what is possible with the best crm software!

Set up and Support Guidance for your University

We work with you to understand your current process, your main pain points and retain the critical aspects of your workflow.

We setup your online forms before moving on to onboard and embed your application workflow into our out-of-the-box solution.

We support you post-launch with the Self-help Knowledge Base, 24/7 Customer Support Desk access and a dedicated Account Manager.


Ready to transform your applicant journey?