Volunteer Management Software for Charities and Non-Profit Organisations

End-to-end online paperless volunteer management system designed to streamline volunteer registration and checking processes in Charities and Non-profit organisations

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volunteer management software Designed Just For You

We understand your organisation offers volunteers the opportunity to feel empowered by their work. Providing an environment that is exciting and rewarding will help you to get the best from your volunteers and ultimately the best for your organisation.
HEIapply is empowering organisations worldwide to be better at streamlining application processes. Our intuitive online system is designed to complement and enhance your processes, enabling the ultimate applicant journey.

The Challenge

Kind-hearted volunteers often come from various backgrounds and with host of different skills ready and eager to make the best use of them. Obtaining the correct information from your applications is key to ensuring that you can get the right volunteer for the right post at the right time.

As if this wasn’t complex enough, the applications process is intricate and varied often requiring dbs and identification information from the beginning. With high levels of manual effort involved and lower levels of customer engagement,

charities and non-profit organisations are at risk of falling short on delivering the applicant journey the modern day applicant expects.

Our Volunteer Management Solution

We recognise the need for Charities and Non-profit organisations to operate efficiently, effectively and competitively. We know that speed and cost efficiency are hugely important.

That’s why we work with you to ensure that we have all the vital ingredients to create your perfect application solution at a budget that works for you.

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Powerful Admissions Focused Features and Tools

HEIapply comes with a wide variety of features readily built and out-of-the-box. This allows us to customise the entire solution to meet your business processes & budget.

  • Full Reporting Dashboard
  • Multiple Routes
  • Process Evidence Requests
  • Powerful Document Management
  • Send Bulk Emails
  • Reflects your processes
  • See progress towards submission
  • Available on any device
  • Manage offline Application Forms
  • Receive updates to keep you informed
  • Inbuilt Messaging Feature
  • Automated Notifications

Your application forms online

Provide volunteers with a way to easily complete their application forms online

form builder

  • Allow volunteers to complete and submit their application forms online

  • Your online forms will be fully responsive meaning they will work on any internet connected pc, smart phone, tablet or portable device.

  • We have designed HEIapply to maintain your brand colours and design regardless of the device used.

  • Set up and manage your own templates, and have them sent automatically as the volunteer progresses through your process

  • Merge applicant data into customisable letters from within system

  • include setting "send from" and "reply to" email addresses, email header and footer

  • Applicants receive standard Applicant Notifications via email including

    • “thank you for starting…”

    • “thank you for submitting …”,

    • “you have received a private message, please login to reply …” and

    • “follow these instructions to reset your password …” upon request to rest password

  • Routes can be used to help reflect a different application processes for your various Programmes, which is shown in both the Admin Portal and Applicant Portal, so that Volunteers know where they are in the process – if you want them to

  • Create checklists and administration processes for each Application Form from receiving and checking for completion through to enrolment

  • Allow the volunteers to upload files as part of the Application Form

  • View any file uploads, with secure encrypted single use URLs to prevent sharing of sensitive documents outside of the system

  • “File Uploads” when the member or you upload a file, with quick access to view the file show on the members timeline

  • Add important fields to your Application Form to collect file metadata (i.e. file description, file name etc.)

  • File uploads that we have integrated into HEIapply for clients include:

    • Passports

    • Identity photographs

    • Birth Certificates

    • Vaccination card

    • Civil ID

    • Medical card from previous school

    • Most recent academic report

    • Portfolios (including documents, images, videos and links)


  • A fully customised applicant view using your logo offering an easily recognisable interface

  • Stand out from the crowd with a streamlined applicant journey using your branding

  • Fully customised notifications can be sent to and from volunteers keeping everyone up to date on the application process

  • Notifications can take the form of emails, SMS text messages, formal letter and privates messages

  • Increase the number of applications that enquire and go all the way through to enrollment by improving & personalising the overall applicant journey

  • Provide what feels like a concierge applicant experience by sending out timely personalised messages and notifications to parents

  • Allow applicants to opt into a communication method that best suits them

  • Notifications can be in the form of emails, letters, SMS text messages and private messages

  • Whether you operate from a single location or multiple locations, HEIapply enables you to work in a centralised way by providing all application related activities in one solution

  • No need to increase application management software user licenses when you introduce new members of staff. HEIapply offers you unlimited user licences for all your administrators, reviewers and processing partners

Introduce World Class Efficiency Into Your Back Office Activities

Capture, manage and process everything to do with applications in one place

all applications

Re-imagining Your Application Process

You can now provide all volunteers applying with the ultimate applicant journey. We have just made it simple, and more importantly; we've made it yours.

Your portals

Multiple environments can be created for your applicants, admissions team and reviewers panel.

Your forms

Single or multiple page, as many as you need available on the chosen page of your website.

Your processes

Create as many journeys as you require per level, school or country through our Routes and Workflows setup.

Your notifications

Automated to keep your team and your applicants informed at every step of the way.

View Entire Workflow Diagram Here

The entire process above is available out-of-the-box and is ready to use!

Extra customer support is available to customise for high volume and high complexity – we are ready to take on your organisation and show you what is possible!

Your Out-Of-The-Box Admissions Solution In Under 18 Days!

How We Get You Up And Running In Months Weeks

We work with you to understand your current process, your main pain points and retain the critical aspects of your workflow.

We setup your online forms before moving on to onboard and embed your Charity or non-profit organisation workflow into our out-of-the-box solution.

We support you post-launch with the Self-help Knowledge Base, 24/7 Support Desk access and a dedicated Account Manager.

Common Questions asked by charities and non-profit organisations

Yes it is! The Bulk Email functionality includes creating an Email List using filters that you apply to the data already within the system. You can apply one or as many filters as required to refine or widen the selection of applicants. There is no need to import CSV's, as all applicant email information already exists inside HEIapply.

Yes! You can embed the forms generated by HEIapply on your school's website and link to the HEIapply applicant portal on any relevant page of the website.

Yes! Your admissions team is able to apply searches and filters to run reports on the data inside HEIapply and export the results to csv or pdf format

Both the applicant and admin portals come with an in-built communications inbox meaning both parties are able to keep up to date with the progress of the application process. Here admin staff, once logged in to the dashboard, can simply select the applicant they wish to make contact with a reply to them directly and privately.

Yes! With HEIapply you can pre-define a standard process for each application route which translates to the Application Progress Meter inside each application received by your admissions team. When an admin progresses the application through the stages, automated email notifications are sent out to the applicants and their parents to update them.

It is possible to withdraw the application at anytime. The volunteer can simply use the communication inbox to convey this information to the admin staff, who will then be able to make all the necessary arrangements.

Simply go to the login page and click on forgot password, enter the email address that was used when setting up the account and click send. An email will be sent to that email address with a web link that can be followed to reset the password.

This is where the communications inbox comes into play. When logged into the system, the volunteer is able to send a message to the admin team informing them of the mistake. Any replies from the admin team will be listed here as well.

Yes they can! The Applicant Portal comes with an inbuilt Communication Inbox for every applicant. Here the volunteer can see a log of all communication (including emails, letters or instant messages) with your administration team and also send new instant messages, should they have any questions or concerns.

Yes! The HEIapply Applicant Portal is designed to create an easy and seamless applicant journey. The volunteer can register, begin filling out an application and return to it later. Applications are always saved so that the volunteer can resume later and continue on from where they stopped.

Functionlity Designed To Give You Total Control And Visibility


In-Built Communication

HEIapply accelerates how your admissions team' manages their response time to messages received on the platform by applicants. All users have access to the in-built chat feature for smooth communication between staff members and prospective students.


Timeline View

HEIapply empowers your administrators to provide the applicants with an awesome streamlined journey by providing them with a clear timeline view of the entire applicant journey. Improve the applicant Journey and enrol more students by clearly showing all communication sent to the applicant, files upload, internal comments added, stage tracking movements and more.


Progress Tracker

With HEIapply, applicants can stay in the know regarding their application, even before it is submitted. Prospective students can save and return to complete their application form later. They can track its progress inside their designated applicant portal without needing to resort to follow up emails and calls.


Live Reports

With HEIapply, administrators can view a series of dynamic graphs and charts on all data captured without the need for external data processing tools and present these as of reporting to top level staff including Heads and Directors of Recruitment.


File Upload

HEIapply prevents the need for applicants to copy, post or email across important documents in support of their application. Instead, applicants can upload and manage their supporting evidence for the admissions team to review right inside their admin portal.


Applicant Portal

HEIapply reduces the time taken to complete an application and takes the burden off the admissions team by giving applicants an environment to register onto, login, complete an application, upload supporting documentation and submit for processing.

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