Supplementary Forms

Key Benefits


A fully branded and convenient applicant journey.

HEIapply will digitise your current supplementary forms and offer your applicants a smooth convenient experience. Your applicants will see a beautifully designed supplementary form branded to match your website. They will be able to complete the form, upload supporting documents or portfolio files, save progress, submit the application and track it as it is processed by you and your team.

Reduced time and costs associated with administering application cycles.

Overall HEIapply will enable you to accept and handle busy recruitment cycles and over-subscription periods commonly associated with year 7 intake. Using the in-built communication widgets and intuitive data management tools you will be able to easily communicate with applicants, produce reports, coordinate the review process with internal and external reviewers, automate repetitive tasks and automatically pre-rank applicants against set admission criteria

Benefits to applicant

    • Complete the form on any device

      Applicants can complete on any internet connected device (i.e. pc, tablet or mobile).
    • Safe secure document upload

      Document upload tools to upload their supporting documents or portfolio files.
    • Access portal anytime

      The ability to save and return to complete or track progress at any time.
    • Always kept up to date

      Progress notifications are automatically generated by the portal in e-mail and/or sms format
  • Communicate directly with admin

    Applicants can use the in-built communication inbox to contact administration officers.
  • Help and support documentation

    Unrestricted access to in-portal guidance notes, announcements and frequently asked questions

I love the feature that automatically sends an email alert to the applicant’s parents once their child’s application has been reviewed and checked for completeness. This saves me from having to update each parent manually via email or phone.

Admissions Administrator – London

Benefits to administrators

    • Automated offer short listing

      Tools to automate the offer short listing process in full or partially based on your admission criteria
    • Produce offer letter with one click

      Offer letter mail merge then e-mail or print off. Can be sent individually or in bulk.
    • Quick access to application status

      Tools to track individual applicant’s progress through to enrolment.
    • Send and track all communication

      Tools to send messages instantly to applicants through the integrated communication inbox.
    • No more sticky notes

      Record all internal notes, upload and share internal documents within the applicant’s account.
    • Expandable to other year groups

      Once setup, the portal can also be used to accept additional year groups.
  • Controlled access to data

    Tools to give secure and auditable access to admin officers, academic staff and recruitment officers.
  • Automatic case loading

    Auto assignment of team members/reviewers to individual applications to create case loads
  • Produce custom charts and reports

    View graphic charts and graphs. You can also export your data at any time
  • Export data with ease

    Full data export when required to send data out to council or partners

How It Works…


1: Upload your current supplementary form

It can be in any digital format: PDF, microsoft word, excel, powerpoint or even images of your scanned hard copy version. (If you don’t already have a supplementary form, let us know and we can set you up with our default form to get started)

2: We convert it into an online supplementary form

We take your current paper-based supplementary form and convert it into a branded online experience.

3: We configure your applications workflow

With your guidance we configure your workflows to match you and your team’s existing business processes. With lite you can create application processing rules, checklists with multiple stages, application relative routes as well as review and approval processes that drive the application through to enrolment.

4: Comprehensive Support 🙂

Whether it’s general support, technical issues or if you simply want to have a chat about application management best practices, our team is here to help.


  • E-mail Support
  • Instant Chat Support
  • Telephone Support
  • Account Manager (For Pro+ accounts only)

Common Questions

Q: How long is the contract once I sign up?
There are no contracts and you can cancel at any time
Q: How much is your set-up fee?
We do not charge a set-up fee if you are a new customer, simply signup and upload your form and we will set up your account.
Q: How long can I use the free account for?
You can use the free account for as long as we continue to offer it. Should the free package be withdrawn you will be notified and made aware well in advance. P.S. to make sure you stay abreast of any changes at our end please make sure you sign up with an e-mail address you check regularly.
Q: Can I change between plans at any time?
You can upgrade at any point and downgrade between monthly cycles.
Q: Can I arrange a call or a demo?
Yes you can, our account managers would be more than happy to call you and conduct an online demo at your convenience. Follow this link to book your free demo. Follow this link to book your free demo.
Q: What level of technical skills do I need to start using this solution?
You do not need any technical skills to be able to log in and process applications. The portal is both intuitive and simple with step by step guidance should you need it.
Q: Once set up how long does it take to be up and running
Once setup you can be up and running within 24 hours.
Q: When do I start paying once I subscribe to a paid account
Once we setup your organisation’s account, you will receive an e-mail with details on the various payment options we offer.
Q: Will my form look the same once converted to an online form?
Visually your form will be converted into a simplified elegant online form which typically comprises of questions and sections for applicants to complete and respond. Although the form may not look exactly like your submitted form, all the questions on your form will be clearly laid out for the applicant to complete.
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