Student Lifecycle Management in an expanding HE market

Student Lifecycle Management (SLM) is just that; managing the lifecycle of students. SLM usually begins as early as students start at Secondary school and is the continual process by which Institutions provide valuable experiences throughout the academic journey. Any individual who forms part of the student lifecycle starts out as a Prospect, they then become a Student and will (eventually) progress to Graduate status. After graduating, although having officially left the realm of studies, they continue in the lifecycle as an Alumnus.   Student Lifecycle Management   As Prospects, individuals are recruited by Institutions. The Recruitment stage takes place through fairs, presentation visits and further online competition centred on Institution X as the place to go. The prospect then proceeds to the Enquiry stage. Here they research everything they need to know to make a choice; the place of study, courses offered, where graduates go, social scene and nightlife. Institutions must be communicative, communicating only relevant information in order to succeed. Both online and offline marketing must be as refined and valuable as the experience prospects are promised is yet to come. Institutions that provide information to prospects that is tailored and customised to their personal interests are usually the ones to make a connection and retain individuals through to enrolment. Once an Institution is successful, the prospect comes through to the final stage of this phase: Application. Getting into university should be as memorable as university life itself. Providing a world-class, streamlined journey is crucial to any admission system and with a rapidly growing HE market, the pressure on Institutions to offer premium customer service has never been greater. HEIapply helps institutions, organisations and businesses capture and manage thousands of submissions online each year. Our elegant online admission system is already trusted by Institutions including Aston University and Ravensbourne.  Book a demo to find out how we can help you provide world-class customer service to your applicants or please call us on 0800 088 5833