Reducing error margins by introducing technology

Following the retirement of Adobe FormsCentral, many an organisation embarked on a journey to find a suitable replacement. Some saw no way but to shift back in time to an era of paper and pen. Picture this: you deal with around 50 applicant submissions each week to a Dance Course programme you’re running. The applicant has to fill out a PDF they printed off your website or collected from your Reception Desk. They then post it to you (unlikely given the increasing cost of postage), come and hand it in at the Reception (also unlikely given the increasing resistance to human contact) or email it to your specified department with little effort and no cost at all. Your Administrator has fun and games while sifting through hand-written forms, trying to translate variant legibility for entry into your chosen data capture method (most likely Excel spreadsheets). Spreadsheets are then passed around departments and Recruitment shortlists those who make it to the next or final stage. Back to Admin who either contacts everyone with an outcome, or only those who have been successful. Fast forward to enrolment day; numbers may have dropped since there are those who lose interest or go elsewhere. Despite succeeding to have an uptake, there is a pang of disappointment because of shortlists you were unable to retain despite lengthy, costly and labour-intensive efforts. There are perhaps thoughts that the shortlisting process was too rigorous and perhaps there are doubts that Admin by-passed forms they couldn’t read. The solution: Erase all doubts, reduce the margin for error and minimise effort, cost and time spent on the entire process. Go paperless and move back to the future! HEIapply is the web-based tool that converts your paper-based submission forms into elegant paperless processes. Whether an Application form for membership or a job, an Admission form for entry onto an academic or training programme, or an Enquiry form registering details and interest, we can help you increase conversion rates and reduce the amount of labour involved. Listening to our clients is at the heart of what we do. We ensure we attack real problems and provide the best solutions. In addition to our out-of-box software options, we provide bespoke solutions to fully tailor your needs. To find out more, give us a call today on +44 (0) 800 088 5833 or click here to book a demo