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Assemble The Perfect Cohort: Select, Rank & Shortlist

Take Control of Your Selection Process with Our Comprehensive and Intuitive Online Tools

  • Efficient management of applications allows for quick decision making.
  • Automated scoring and ranking features to streamline the selection process.
  • Integrated notifications system for timely communication of decisions to applicants.
  • Secure portal for applicants to view their application status in real-time.
  • Easy setup of interview schedules and automated reminders to keep everyone on track.

HEIapply empowers you to curate the ideal cohort of candidates, ensuring that your institution continues to thrive with the right students for your programmes. Make informed decisions, simplify your workload, and elevate your admissions process.

Use Cases:

Here is how HEIapply’s Selection, Shortlisting, and Ranking features can transform your admission process:

  1. Streamlined Selection Process: Imagine effortlessly sorting through hundreds of applications to identify the most promising candidates. HEIapply simplifies this task, ensuring you focus on the best-suited applicants for your institution.
  2. Holistic Candidate Evaluation: Picture a scenario where you can evaluate applicants not only based on academic scores but also on their diverse talents, experiences, and qualities. Our feature empowers you to take a well-rounded approach to selection.
  3. Customised Shortlisting Criteria: Visualise defining your own unique criteria for shortlisting candidates. HEIapply allows you to tailor the shortlisting process to meet your institution’s specific needs.
  4. Anonymous Ranking: Consider a world where you can transparently rank applicants based on your chosen metrics, not linked to any personal information, facilitating fair and objective decisions. HEIapply ensures a level playing field for all candidates.
  5. Efficient Decision-Making: Envision quicker and more efficient decision-making, reducing the time and effort required to assemble your incoming cohort.

How It Works:

HEIapply’s Selection, Shortlisting, and Ranking feature are powered by sophisticated algorithms and intuitive design:

  1. Data Collection: Begin by collecting a wide range of applicant data, from academic records to extracurricular achievements.
  2. Custom Criteria: Define your unique shortlisting and ranking criteria. Consider academic scores, recommendation letters, interviews, and other parameters.
  3. Algorithmic Processing: HEIapply’s advanced algorithms process this data, generating objective scores for each applicant.
  4. User-Friendly Interface: Access the shortlist and rankings through a user-friendly dashboard. Easily adjust criteria or rankings as needed.


As an administrator, embracing HEIapply’s Selection, Shortlisting, and Ranking feature translates into substantial advantages:

  1. Efficiency: Expedite the selection process, saving time and resources.
  2. Fairness: Ensure a fair and transparent selection process, promoting diversity and inclusivity.
  3. Higher Quality Cohort: Assemble a cohort of candidates who align with your institution’s values and goals.
  4. Customisation: Tailor shortlisting and ranking to your unique requirements.
  5. Objective Decisions: Eliminate bias and subjectivity from the selection process.

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