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Payments & Fees

Collect Online Payments Generate & Track Invoices With Ease

  • Simplify the management of payments, fees, or one-off payments.
  • Automate invoice generation for quicker processing.
  • Easily track and record all transactions in real-time.
  • Allow secure online payment options for convenience.
  • Enable automatic reminders for due payments.
  • Chose from multiple ready integrated payment gateways including Stripe, Paypal, Global Payment, Flywire & many others
  • Offer flexible payment plans to cater to various financial capacities.
  • Maintain comprehensive records of all financial transactions.

HEIapply’s Payments & Fees feature simplifies financial transactions, allowing administrators to focus on providing an exceptional application & enrolment experience.

Use Cases:

With HEIapply’s Payments & Fees feature, you can streamline financial transactions and offer convenience to your prospective students.

  1. Seamless Registration Payments: Students can pay registration fees online during the application process, eliminating the need for manual transactions.
  2. Effortless Enrolment Fees: HEIapply allows students to conveniently pay enrolment fees, securing their spot at your institution with a few clicks.
  3. Invoice Generation: Administrators can effortlessly generate invoices for various fees, such as tuition, accommodation, or exam fees, and send them directly to students.
  4. Payment Tracking: Keep a close eye on payment statuses. Easily identify unpaid fees and send automated reminders to students.
  5. Financial Reporting: Access detailed reports on fee collections, helping you manage your institution’s finances more efficiently.

How It Works:

HEIapply’s Payments & Fees feature offers a seamless and secure process:

  1. Payment Integration: HEIapply is integrated with trusted payment gateways such as Stripe, PayPal, Flywire, Global Pay, Authorise, Moneris, Worldpay & various others ensuring secure transactions.
  2. Automated Invoicing: The system automatically generates invoices based on predefined fee structures or custom requirements.
  3. Payment Tracking: Administrators can monitor payment statuses in real-time, reducing the risk of late payments.
  4. Financial Reporting: Access detailed financial reports, making it easier to manage your institution’s finances and plan for the future.
  5. User-Friendly Interface: HEIapply provides an intuitive platform for both administrators and students, making fee-related processes hassle-free.


Administrators at schools, businesses, and universities benefit significantly from HEIapply’s Payments & Fees feature:

  1. Efficiency: Streamline fee collection and invoicing processes, saving time and reducing administrative overhead.
  2. Convenience: Provide students with a user-friendly platform to pay fees and access invoices digitally.
  3. Accuracy: Reduce errors in fee calculations and payment tracking, ensuring accurate financial records.
  4. Financial Insights: Access real-time financial reports to make informed decisions and plan for your institution’s future.
  5. Competitive Edge: Offering seamless fee processing enhances your institution’s reputation and attractiveness to prospective students.

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