HEIapply’s Spring release!

  • July 16, 2019

The team at HEIapply have had a busy spring, working behind the scenes on a number of system improvements and new features. We’re delighted to take a moment to share details with you. Aligned with our ethos of developing useful functionality, lots of these features are based on needs identified through system use. Many of our partners have encountered this new and improved functionality ‘in progress’, often contributing to its development. We’re excited about how these developments drive our mission to power the ultimate applicant journey.

Greater control

We know how important it is for you to be in charge of your workflow. We’ve fine-tuned the way to manage pages and control the appearance of custom forms. This includes the ability to add dates and manage the request for file uploads conditional to information supplied. We’ve made complying with GDPR regulations easy with our ‘request data deletion’ function, and we’ve improved the way to convert details from an enquiry into the basis for an applicant profile.

Greater visibility

We appreciate that it’s your data, and it needs to work hard for you. Our filtering functionality has matured so much that it’s consistently applied across different views. It’s easy to add filters to any set of data and to save groups of filters so that new data is added dynamically to the filtered view. Filtered lists can be utilised to create email lists or attendance sheets, for example. You can receive notifications generated by applicant and team activity. We’ve also gathered all electronic communication into a unified email log.

Greater connection

We care about how well you connect with the people you serve. Our Partner section has been expanded to make it smoother to work together. We’ve improved the way we handle data in bulk, to make it easy to import groups of applicants or attendance lists. The events created through HEIapply can now be booked onto by prospects who don’t have a profile, and we’ve integrated payments for events. We’re also connecting with other technology that supports your workflow, like authorize.net.

We know that’s a lot to take in, so we’ll be covering some of these features in greater depth in the coming weeks. We hope you’ll enjoy finding out about HEIapply’s new and improved features. To take advantage of greater control, visibility and connection, speak to us today.