HEIapply unveils updated Support Desk

HEIapply empowers institutions worldwide to offer applicants world-class customer engagement through an elegant applicant journey, so we’ve just released a whole new look to our Support Desk to raise our own customer engagement standards even higher!
Providing a paperless online solution, HEIapply manages the end-to-end applicant journey from registration of an enquiry, through the application process, up to the point of enrolment. We are always talking and listening to clients to identify how the web-based admissions platform can be made more adaptable to support their evolving needs.
What is the Support Desk?
After the Self-help Knowledgebase feature, the Support Desk is a facility that allows users to raise tickets on problems or issues that they cannot resolve from the self-help tutorials available. All tickets are logged with the HEIapply Support Team and every response back and forth is logged as a comment within the ticket. The Support Desk is not a new feature, it has been built into the platform from day one and is available out of the box to all our lovely customers.
What’s in the update?
The updated Support Desk has a friendlier user interface with the introduction of tabs, separating the view of tickets by their status of progression. Tickets are either ‘New’ (awaiting attendance from the Support Team but logged), ‘Active’ (attended to and in the process of being unravelled), ‘For Review’ (resolved by Support but awaiting customer’s approval) or ‘Complete’ (problem solved and everyone happy!). Tickets are left side outlined in a colour that coincides with the priority set when it was raised. Red tickets are critical, yellow are high and grey are of low or unspecified priority. The ‘Search’ tab allows customers to run and report the count, progress and priority of all tickets raised by their organisation. Searches can be defined by keywords and set by individual or all members of the team members using HEIapply. With email alerts going out to the Support Team and the customers every time a new comment on a ticket is submitted or its status changes, the Support Desk is the HEIapply hub of engagement between the service and its users. Now more interactive than ever before, the addition of the ‘For Review’ status engages with clients to come forth and mark a ticket as complete themselves. Clients are being encouraged to keep an eye on the ‘For Review’ count and try and keep it as close to zero as possible, while the Support Team are working to move tickets from ‘New’ to ‘Complete’ faster. We are excited that we are moving a little closer to world-class customer service! Have a read about other features offered by HEIapply here. Or book a live demo here to take a look around.