We understand that your recovery college offers the most supportive environment to welcome applicants to begin a new personal recovery journey into mental wellness. Offering an application process that is simple to access, clear whilst being informative will further support the applicant through their journey ahead.
Mindrecoverynet.org.uk is a customer relationship management (CRM) software crafted to help Mental Health Recovery Colleges and training providers manage their applications, students, educational courses, tutors, course schedule, venues, bookings, attendance and impact and outcome assessment.

The Challenge

Mental health Recovery Colleges are home to applicants from various different backgrounds. The need for evaluation and obtaining accurate background information to aid the application process is key.

Applicants won't necessarily be timing their applications to normal recruitment cycles, that coupled with multiple routes, multiple course levels and the need to allocate appropriate tutors, this isn't always an easy task to achieve.

We have found that most recovery oriented Colleges and Charities that provide support and training new skills to people with mental illness principally follow the same processes. Everyone is committed to the co-development of Courses, everyone is committed to individual learning plans and personal learning goals for their students.

Everyone wants a system that does not restrict access and prevents the natural flow of conversation with an applicant to be recorded.

Our Solution

We recognise the need for Mental Health Recovery Colleges to operate efficiently, effectively and competitively. We know that speed and cost efficiency are hugely important.

That’s why we work with you to ensure that we have all the vital ingredients to create your perfect admissions solution at a budget that works for you.

Mindrecoverynet.org.uk is our out-of-the-box CRM software crafted to help Mental Health Recovery Colleges and training providers manage their applications, students, self-care courses, tutors, course schedule, venues, bookings, attendance, and impact and outcome assessment. When we realised that there was not a complete list of all Mental Health Recovery Colleges in the UK, we wanted to fill that gap, helping everyone who needs to gain access to their local Recovery College.

We have completed thorough desk-based research to capture web address, contact details, EOI forms to download, EOI forms to complete online and Prospectuses and made them available to all.

Find out more at Mindrecoverynet.org.uk

Set up and Mental Illness Support Guidance for your Mental Health Recovery College

From Signup To Launch In Minutes

If you like what we have done then you can sign up for an account and get going in a matter of minutes. Our team of data integration and support staff will be available to help you if you ever get stuck.

Full User Guidance & Tutorials

Throughout the site you will find useful hints, tutorials and guidance notes. This will help remind you what each aspect of the site does. Having said that, we don’t think you’ll use them much … the system has been built around logical workflows that we think you’ll love – making it very intuitive to use.

Mobile Ready Out Of The Box

Need to work on the move? Know that you Tutors work whilst on the go? Enable your interviews with students to take place where you have internet connection. The whole platform is mobile ready so that you can be as productive as you can be.

Take a look at the Provider List online at Mindrecoverynet.org.uk and get in contact if you'd like to have a closer look around the system.