Focus on filters

Today we want to show you around filters and data views. You have likely spent some time looking for applicants at specific stages of their application journey. You may also have pulled lists together of applicants that you’d like to communication with as a group. You probably also want to keep track of new applications. Our refined filtering method means you can select fields, save filter sets and see your data update – simple!

At its core, we’ve set up filtering so that you don’t need to run the same queries again and again. Select a range of fields once and save the query to build views of your data that sit in tabs across your lists. That works in whatever view you’re in, so it’s easy to switch between sets of data. We’ve also built functionality out of those views, so you can create mailing lists and export batches of data. All the views operate dynamically, so any new data that enters the system that meets the criteria stipulated through the selected fields will automatically appear in your view tab. HEIapply makes your data accessible and actionable, so you can deliver the ultimate applicant journey.

Next week we’ll be talking all things communication. You don’t have to wait until then to communicate with us!