Focus on Events

As promised, we’re back to take a more detailed look at HEIapply’s new and improved features. Today’s spotlights is on Admission Events.
Events are now firmly baked into HEIapply and they are working really hard. The functionality covers a range of event types – open days, tours, information sessions, interviews, assessment days – with a variety of statuses – proposed, confirmed, available for bookings, full, cancelled, review, complete – for a host of individuals. Hopeful attendees don’t even need a profile to book a place, and with payment folded in, the functionality supports events as an additional revenue stream.

There are some features that we think really make this functionality sing:

  • automatically generated attendance lists
  • the ability to make multiple slots available for individuals or groups of applicants
  • the ease with which you can view and communicate with all booked attendees, before and after the event.

HEIapply takes the hassle out of event booking, so you can concentrate on making memorable experiences that leave a mark on your future applicants.

Look out next week for the low down on filtering your data to get the most out of it. In the meantime, we’d be glad to show you around.