Focus on communication

We can’t count the number of times our partners have waxed lyrical to us about the communication inbox and the timeline view of communication linked to each and every profile. At Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten, staff didn’t see the value of the inbox at first. When their cloud storage ran out of space for media close to their deadline, they were inundated with emails. The log made it easy to keep track of applicants that had been in touch and a response template made writing about the solution simple. Staff replied to applicants within hours and became inbox converts! You can read more about how Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten use HEIapply.

We’re really proud of the way we unlock communication in HEIapply. We’re especially proud of the simplicity of the timeline view for keeping track of an applicant’s individual journey. We’re also really excited to show off our new chat feature. It means staff contact enquirers so much sooner. HEIapply demonstrates how your relationship with your applicants relies on integrated communication and helps you be informative and on the ball.

We can take you on a walkthrough to see how effective HEIapply’s communication platform is. Talk to us today.