We understand that your Study Abroad Agency offers a range of counselling, consulting and immigration services to applicants looking to access education overseas. Your job is to attract and help enrol applicants on their best matched course at one of your partner institutions, by running seamless recruitment and applications processes.

EduAgent CRM is your perfect workflow partner. Handle all enquiries swiftly and convert to applications effectively with a responsive system that streamlines your processes, giving your team the tools they need to enable you to manage your partners, grow your study abroad business and provide the ultimate applicant journey.

The Challenge

Study abroad agencies operate worldwide with interest from potential applicants to study overseas. Enquiries are followed up and converted into applicants, with agents supporting the process of choosing a course, country and institution as well as offering any relevant visa and immigration advice and local knowledge to ensure a smooth arrival. This means that a collaborative approach in sharing relevant information with institutions, departments and government authorities is vital.

As if this wasn’t complex enough, the choice available to the applicant is vast, so that even the most selective study abroad agency needs to ensure that the applicant journey is seamless, supporting the applicant to engage in the process at every stage. With high levels of manual effort involved, agents are at risk of falling short on delivering the tailored support and effective application process the modern day applicant expects.

Our solution

EduAgent CRM provides you with a streamlined workflow that focuses on quickly moving simple enquiries into enrolled students with your partner schools. Designed to be used by individuals or teams, EduAgent CRM gets you working faster and smarter with a vision to help you achieve your business goals.

Meet EduAgent CRM - a CRM that does more than just store the names and addresses of your clients.

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Is EduAgent CRM right for my Agency?

Startup Education Agency

If you’re just starting out for the first time, you want to optimise your operation from day one. EduAgent CRM will bring in the robust systematic workflow you need to inform your applicants and partners that you are ready for business, acting as an extra team member because of the efficiency it will lend to your processes.

Small Established Education Agency

Now that you have a small but well established team managing hundreds of applications a year, your main challenge most likely revolves around organising your tasks and managing your growing number of leads. You will need to delegate tasks appropriately between staff and applicants and standardise processes to ensure that your whole team work as a single unit.

Large Multiple Office Education Agency

Having built your agency over the years, with multiple offices and staff, your main challenge is most likely making sure all your team members are working through optimal processes following up enquiries, passionately supporting prospective students and confidently guiding them through the application process in a way that is easy for you to monitor.


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