We understand that your Graduate Recruitment Programme is attracting applications from skilled individuals and you need to throw your net far and wide to get the best chance of finding the right candidates. Your job is to continuously attract the right applicants for review so that you can make and process decisions quickly and easily. This means collecting accurate information, so that any scoring matrix you use helps to shortlist the best candidates for interview.
HEIapply is empowering graduate recruitment programmes worldwide to do exactly this. We are helping Graduate Recruitment providers perform better at streamlining application and selection processes. Our intuitive web-based system is designed to reflect your existing processes entirely online, enabling you to refine and improve them to provide the ultimate candidate experience.

The Challenge

We understand that one of the many challenges of running the best Graduate Recruitment Programme is dealing with multiple languages. Skilled graduates coming from a highly competitive global market are willing to relocate to participate. Engaging with graduates from other countries means having separate application forms in each language.

Adding to the pressure, graduates are applying to other programmes at the same time. To respond to this you need to keep applicants engaged and informed at every stage of the process. We know that you will deal with large volumes of graduate applicants at peak periods of the university year, before returning to general recruitment when the graduate programme has begun.

Our solution for your recruitment programme

We recognise the need for Graduate Recruitment Programmes to operate efficiently, effectively and competitively, recruit from all over the globe, and place the right graduate in the right role. We know that speed and cost efficiency are hugely important.

That’s why we work with you to ensure that we have all the vital ingredients to create your perfect paperless application management and selection solution at a budget that works for you.

Powerful Recruitment Focused Features and Tools

HEIapply comes with a wide variety of features readily built and out-of-the-box. This allows us to customise the entire solution to meet your business processes & budget.

  • Scoring, Filtering and Ranking
  • Inbuilt Messaging Feature
  • Available on any Device
  • Unlimited User Accounts
  • Send Bulk Emails
  • Telephone/Skype Support
  • Manage Admissions Events
  • Automated Notifications
  • Fully managed application form
  • Powerful Document Management
  • Full Reporting Dashboard
  • Customisable Applicant Portal

Your application forms online

Provide graduates with a way to easily complete their application forms online

Offer graduates beautiful device responsive online application forms

  • Allow graduates to complete and submit their application forms online

  • Your online forms will be fully responsive meaning they will work on any internet connected pc, smart phone, tablet or portable device.

  • We have designed HEIapply to maintain your brand colours and design regardless of the device used.

Seamless Scoring

HEIapply can be configured with bespoke algorithms to help you sift, filter, search and refine your selection process with ease. As we are part of the planning and set-up of your Application Form, we can also help you identify appropriate questions, and method of asking those questions, to draw out the right information to enable your scoring matrix and selection process to be as smooth as possible.

Help find the right applicants faster.

Transform the way you communicate with graduates

  • The messaging feature allows for smoother communication with graduates during the application process and beyond

  • Gain 100% deliverability on all messages sent via the communications inbox

  • None of your messages get caught in spam boxes

  • Get notified when messages have been delivered, opened and read

  • Keep a solid audit trail of all communication: all messages are captured and stored securely

Set a lasting first impression with prospective graduates

  • Admissions Events such as interviews (one-to-one or group interviews) and assessment days are possibly the first impression you set with graduates.

  • Avoid overbooking by preloading the start and end dates and times available for the graduates to select and book themselves on, and set maximum capacity

  • Provide graduates with a simple and easy way to amend and communicate changes in a previously agreed schedule, even outside your regular opening hours.

  • Send automated yet personal messages to applicants before and after the admission event

  • See Admission Events in calendar view to help resource planning

Re-imagining Your Graduate Recruitment Process

You can now provide all parents applying with the ultimate applicant journey. We have just made it simple, and more importantly; we've made it yours.

Your portals

Multiple environments can be created for your applicants, admissions team and reviewers panel.

Your forms

Single or multiple page, as many as you need available on the chosen page of your website.

Your processes

Create as many journeys as you require per level, school or country through our Routes and Workflows setup.

Your notifications

Automated to keep your team and your applicants informed at every step of the way.

View Entire Workflow Diagram Here

The entire process above is available out-of-the-box and is ready to use!

Extra support is available to customise for high volume and high complexity – we are ready to take on your organisation and show you what is possible!

Set up and Support Guidance for your Graduate Programme

We work with you to understand your current process, your main pain points and retain the critical aspects of your workflow.

We setup your online forms before moving on to onboard and embed your Graduate Recruitment workflow into our out-of-the-box. solution

We support you post-launch with the Self-help Knowledge Base, 24/7 Support Desk access and a dedicated Account Manager.

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