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HEIapply Overview

HEIapply offers an end-to-end, easy-to-use solution that can be adapted to entirely digitise your admissions with a solution design & customisation capabilities that many other software packages cannot match. Our management solution caters to all the needs of your admissions office. With a solid history of designing innovative software solutions within the Admissions sector for over the last 10 years, from State, K12 & Academy schools, Independent Schools, Colleges and Higher Education institutions worldwide, our software now offers a ready-developed toolkit of functionality that helps streamline the student lifecycle.

Whilst we all know that an admissions information system is essential for any a school or any educational institution to operate effectively, we also know that the systems can be time-consuming and complex to implement and get started. This is where we come in.

Our Admissions Solution

If you have a straightforward application journey, our admissions and enrollment management software can be deployed in weeks, not months, allowing you to simplify admissions, registration, and application processes. A number of features are included, including online forms and automated tasks, document upload management, and much more.

If your application journey is a little more complex, we take the time to configure it just how you need it to work. This allows our admissions software to save your team valuable time and energy, allowing you to focus on other areas of your admissions. In addition, our admissions software is highly user-friendly, so your prospective students will have a positive experience from start to finish. With our admissions software, you can ensure that your institution and admission side are running smoothly and efficiently.

How We Do It

– Streamlined Applicant Journey

All too often, the admissions process for educational institutions can be a cumbersome and time-consuming affair for both prospective students and staff alike. Our online Admissions Software seeks to streamline the process as much as possible whilst still ensuring that all the necessary information is gathered.

Applicants can complete their application form online at their convenience, upload supporting documentation, save progress, and return later if need be. They can also submit and track processing progress via a secure student log-in area, and make use of an instant messaging system linked directly to your school admissions admin team should they have any questions.

All the information provided can be easily sent into your school management system for enrolment and other post-enrolment activities.

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– Optimised Administrative Activities

Easily manage staff access, programme listings and shortlisting applicants. Capture reviews from internal employees or external members of your team. Send out automated emails and communicate with your applicants from within the platform private messaging system.

We Take Manual Human Error Prone Standard or Complex Application Processes And Provide A Streamlined, Intuitive Solution

Without HEIapply

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With HEIapply

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What Some Of Our Customers Have To Say About Our Admissions Software

From Paper-based To Online

We had a paper-based application process with internal and external team members.

It was proving time consuming and difficult. Email trails were hard to follow and find and we were constantly fielding applicant follow up calls.

HEIapply has allowed us to have a complete on-line application process, massively improving the applicant journey.

"If telling someone else about HEIapply, I would say: Just make the switch, you'll not regret it!"

- E4F Startup Incubator, United Kingdom

From Inadequate Solution To Simplified Software

We were using another platform that was not fit for purpose until we discovered HEIapply.

We had a short time-frame in which to turnaround the project and we managed to get up and running very quickly.

Our ideas were listened to and taken on board, the HEIapply team also offered advice on industry best practices that helped us mould the solution into something more than what we had ever imagined

"It's one of the most intuitive systems we've ever worked with and it simplified our workflow to a degree where it made the job enjoyable"

- Aston University, Birmingham, United Kingdom

Key Features That Allow You To Managing Your
Entire Student Recruitment Process In A Single CRM Platform

Lead Management

Streamline Lead Management and Improve Conversion Rates with Seamless Form Integration

  • Effortless creation of embeddable forms with HEIapply's powerful form builder
  • Capture enquiries and leads directly within your CRM for improved lead management and nurturing
  • Transform the way you manage potential applicants through streamlined processes
  • Option to use existing forms via API integration or Zapier integration to send data directly into your HEIapply environment
  • Seamless integration with your existing workflows to ensure continuity and efficiency

image of easy to use form builder
graphic illustration of a mouse clicking a button

Admissions Related Events

Effortlessly Capture and Confirm Attendance for Admission Related Events With Integrated Event Booking Forms

  • Integrated event booking forms that simplify registration and make it easy for attendees to sign up and participate
  • User-friendly forms that allow individuals to provide their information, choose preferred sessions, and confirm attendance with just a few clicks
  • Elimination of registration barriers that encourage more students to join events
  • Automation of attendance confirmation to help administrative teams manage and track event participation efficiently
  • Automated event communication, including confirmations and reminders, to keep attendees engaged and informed throughout the event journey

Online Applications

Simplify and Accelerate the Applicant Journey with Streamlined Online Applications, Document Upload, Intergrated Messaging and Progress Tracking

  • Streamlined online applications that enable easy completion of forms and document uploads
  • Convenient tracking of application progress in a secure online portal
  • Integrated messaging system for direct communication between applicants and administrative team
  • Prompt responses to any queries raised by applicants
  • Payment capture prior to submission through our integration with 5 popular payment gateways

Illustration of stacked screenshots from various area of our software
screenshot of a laptop showing the software's dashboard

Admissions Office Tools

Boost Administrative Efficiency By Empowering Your Admin Team To Efficiently Manage, Assign, and Process Applications to Desired Endpoints Using Simplified Workflows

  • Empowers your admin team to streamline application management, assignment, and processing
  • Simplified workflows enable efficient handling when there is a surge of applications
  • Assigns applications to appropriate reviewers for timely processing
  • Reduces manual effort, improves productivity, and ensures a smooth and organised application process
  • Boosts administrative efficiency and frees up time to focus on other critical tasks

Branding Your Applications Portal

Elevate Your Brand Experience with HEIapply's Customisable Branding Features

  • Custom branding capabilities for authentic customer experiences
  • Incorporate company culture with colours, images, logos, and more
  • Build lasting impressions with every interaction
  • High level of customisability available
  • Enhance every aspect of customer and admin engagement on the HEIapply platform
  • Professional appearance that reflects your business goals and values
  • Give your institution a Competitive edge with unique and personalised branding

image showing that you can brand the portal in any way you like
image of a user seeking and getting support

All-Round Product & Technical Support

Benefit from our Dedicated Onboarding and Technical Support, Guided by our Expert Account Managers for Optimal Efficiency.

  • Comprehensive services to help both novice and experienced users with their CRM migration, onboarding, and regular training needs
  • Customised training programs tailored to meet your specific needs
  • Ongoing support to ensure that you get the most out of your CRM system
  • Additional products and services to enhance your CRM experience, including advanced reporting capabilities, automated workflows, and data analysis tools

Start With An Out Of The Box Recipe Specifically Crafted For Your Organisation Type

Move Your Entire Admissions Process Online In Days Not Weeks
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1-Setup Your Applicants/Bookers/Parent/Agent Portal
2-Configure The Administrator’s Portal
3-Load Your Programmes, Message Templates, Setup Automation and user accounts

Need Help With A Complex Non-Standard Setup?

Thanks to our background as a software development company, we thrive on complexity. Our solution is designed to handle even the most intricate setups with ease. Tailoring key features of our base solution to meet your precise requirements is not only possible, but it's what we excel at.

Here is how we do it...

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We Analyse Your Current Process

We work with you to capture & understand your current process. You can focus on your main pain points whilst retaining critical aspects of your existing work-flow.

icon showing a configuration process

Customise our Out-of-Box Solution

We setup your digital forms, online application portal, supporting documents, configure and embed your work-flow into our ‘out of the box’ Admissions Software and get you up and running in weeks.

icon showing support services

Launch, Support & Make Periodic Adjustments

We support you post launch with 8 weeks of weekly reviews. During this time, we are an extension of your team, making sure the CRM is well-adapted to your workflow.

Pickup the phone and get all your questions answered

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