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End To End Online Admissions Software Designed For International Schools

The Problem

Admissions Offices often find themselves operating multiple admission routes, each route with its own admissions system and workflows. This results in mismatched applicant journeys and inconsistent management of admission routes. With high levels of manual effort involved and low quality customer service, International Schools are at risk of falling short on delivering the applicant journey the modern day applicant expects.

Our Solution

We recognise the requirement for International Schools to operate efficiently, effectively and competitively. Admissions offices play a vital role within International Schools and need a robust, secure end-to-end School Admissions Software capable of managing the while journey from interest to enrolment. With HEIapply you can offer your applicants a streamlined journey offering the best applicant journey possible.

How It Works

  • 1) Multiple Routes

    Create unlimited routes . E.g  Nursery, Primary, Secondary, Sixth Form. A new route can be configured in just minutes by a non-technical member of staff.

  • 2) Custom Application Forms

    Each route can be configured to use a single or multiple standard or custom application forms easily with a user-friendly easy to use form builder

  • 3) Unlimited Portals

    Multiple portals can be created for your applicants, admin staff, partner institutions, agents, feeder schools. Allowing each one to have a custom view of the application data.

  • 4) Adjustable Workflows

    Each route can be configured to have its own workflow and processes that are easily adjusted by non-technical users.

Key Benefits…


1. Central ‘out-of-the-box’ web-based solution for multiple admissions routes

Regardless of the number of routes you have in place, HEIapply provides you with a central system to manage all of them in one place while also allowing each admissions route to have its own portal(s), application forms and workflows.


2. Functionality to create, publish and manage all features with no technical expertise

The design and UI of HEIapply has been created with non-technical users in mind. All interfaces are user-friendly and easily navigable.
With the right authorisation staff can build portals and configure workflows seemlessly.


3. Deliver a consistent applicant journey to all applicants regardless of admissions route

With versatile portal building capabilities, uniquely branded portals can be customised for each admissions routes with such ease, allowing each applicant to enjoy the same journey through to enrolment


4. Provide your partners, feeder schools, agents with the right tools for the job

Empower your recruitment partners by providing them with a custom portal view where they can submit applications, check status of submitted applications, run reports and inform your central admissions of changes for each of the applications they are managing


5. Safe and secure highly scalable solution perfect for peak application periods

HEIapply sits on a cluster environment which is scalable both vertically and horizontally. With guaranteed 99.9% uptime, the system is perfect for peak applications periods.


6. Keep your finger on the pulse with global and portal level reporting functionality

HEIapply comes with highly intuitive reporting functionalities. We give you the option to create various types of charts and reports, filter these as required and extract or print this data.


Applicants Portal

Admin Portal

Why Choose Us

We are committed to delivering cutting edge technology that enhances business processes within the Education Sector.
This is achieved by listening to the market for problems faced by our clients and then applying the relevant technical
know-how to solve them. HEIapply is our flagship product and we are firmly committed to improving it inspired by market requirements.
Over the last 4.5 years, we have listened carefully to problems faced by top International Schools around Application Management and Enhancement
of the Applicant Journey. Armed with the correct mix of technical and project management expertise, we utilise the latest approaches in
software development and project management techniques. We take a committed, hands on approach to meeting your requirements and value client relationships.

Common Questions

Q: Will the School’s  information be accessible at all times without excessive delays?

Subject to SLAs, we aim to maintain a high level of availability through 99.9% server uptime, approved solution uptime, and Ping monitoring.

Q: What uptime is guaranteed?

Our hosting partner provides us with a 99.9% network uptime guarantee. The solution sits on a cluster environment. This means that in the event
of a single server failing, the service will be failed over automatically and continue running on the other server.

Q: Is it possible to integrate with the School’s existing third party systems?

Provided an API is available, we are able interface and integrate with third party systems.

Q: Does the product comply with Data Protection legislations?

HEIapply provides access and tools required to manage and clear personal data, helping Schools comply with DPA legislation. We are also registered with the ICO.

Q: Does the system reliably attribute access changes to data to the right individuals?

HEIapply keeps a full user audit trail. Audit tracking mechanisms are of two types and record all actions and events pertaining to access and changes to data.

Q: Can applicants use the system to track their application progress?

Applicants can log in to their portal and instantly access the status and or progress of their application.
Using their own user credentials, the individual can track this at any point.

Q: Can all available portals be viewed and used on mobile devices e.g. phones and tablets?

The system has been designed with responsiveness in mind and each portal is fully responsive whether accessed on a phone, tablet or PC.

Q: Can some applications have restrictive access?

HEIapply can allow restrictive access to some applications by providing direct a link and user reference.
If an access attempt is made by anyone who does not carry the correct user reference, they will be redirected to a login page.

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