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We understand that your school offers the most nurturing environment to welcome children and their parents from all over the world to be inspired and be their best. HEIapply is empowering institutions across the globe to be better at streamlining admissions processes. Our intuitive web-based system is designed to complement and enhance your applicant journey.

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  • Enterprise Layer
  • Dedicated Systems Engineer
  • Knowledgebase and Training
  • Academic Assessment Portal
  • Admission Event Coordinators Portal
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A dedicated Systems Engineer is available for Enterprise Portal account holders

A dedicated Systems Engineer is available for Enterprise Portal account holders

Academic Assessment Portal

Academic Assessment Portal for internal academics to review and make offers on applications

A dedicated server is your very own private server that we host and install your own version of HEIapply on

A dedicated server is your very own private server that we host and install your own version of HEIapply on

As part of set-up and handover we provide training to key Users.

We have tutorials, knowledgebase articles and embedded tours to help you become familiar with the system.

International Schools usually run with multiple branches across regions, often spread globally. We know that means thousands of applications from countries all over the world. Expat families who apply aren’t necessarily timing their migration to standard term times, which means several more in-term applications outside of the normal recruitment cycle are expected than at other schools. As if this wasn’t complex enough, the admissions route is complex and varied requiring medical, financial and immigration from the beginning. With high levels of manual effort involved, multiple currencies and lower levels of customer engagement, International Schools are at risk of falling short on delivering the applicant journey the modern day applicant expects.

HEIapply recognises the need for International Schools to operate efficiently, effectively and competitively. Our out-of-the-box platform is ready to go with administrator and applicant portals in place. Our available offering of add-on features including visa compliance and extended payment gateways help to compliment and tailor to your School’s specific requirements. We know that speed and cost efficiency are hugely important. That’s why we work with you to ensure that we have all the vital ingredients to create your perfect recipe. After agreeing on the perfect recipe and receiving everything we need from you, we get your environment ready to go and can welcome you onboard in just 18 days!

1) Multiple Routes: Create as many journey’s as you require per level, school or country. A new route can be configured in just minutes by a non-technical member of staff

2) Custom Application Forms: Each route can be configured to use a single or multiple standard or custom application forms easily with a user-friendly easy to use form builder

3) Unlimited Portals: Against each route, multiple environments can be created for your applicant, admin staff, partner institutions, agents, feeder schools.

4) Adjustable Workflows: Each route can be configured to have its own workflow and processes that are easily customised to your requirements.

HEIApply handles all the hassles of applications admission, perfect for small and large businesses

Manage complex admission routes simplified by design

HEIapply is a web-based solution that comes ready to use out of the box, with a range of add-ons available and also offering full customisation to manage your complex admissions needs. Don’t worry, it is user friendly! The design and unique interface of HEIapply has been created with non-tech users in mind.

Offer a fully branded applicant journey

Stand out from competitors and offer an exceptional customer experience with ability to fully customise your HEIapply-powered forms and portals to suit your brand image and eye for design. Our versatile and unique user face, teamed with your logo and brand messages create a streamlined applicant journey.

Exchange information between parents and admins

Parents can register and fill in forms for all minors they wish to apply for – this means that an individual parent log in can be created and re-used for to submit multiple applications following the same applicant journey and allowing them to follow up on progress for all of their children in one place

Manage payments, bookings and refunds

Invite applicants to pay deposits and fees for courses or accommodation; and require for payment plans to be made in one go, in instalments or provide flexibility by allowing both options - it’s up to you! Generate invoices and receipts for payments on the fly and work with your chosen currency and country’s VAT requirements.

Take advantage of seamless data migration

We will help you to seamlessly integrate with your School’s chosen Management Information System (such as iSams, Sims and PASS), enabling you to migrate data between the HEIApply platform and your MIS.

Use in-built tools for visa and immigration compliance

Ensure full compliance with visa and immigration laws using HEIapply functionality.

We work with you to understand your current process, your main pain points and retain the critical aspects of your workflow

We setup your online forms before moving on to onboard and embed your International School workflow into our out of the box solution

We support you post-launch with the Self-help Knowledge Base, 24/7 Support Desk access and a dedicated Account Manager.

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  • Error messages should appear if required fields are filled out incorrectly, e.g. wrong email address is used. Is this possible?

    Yes! There are many field types available to choose from with HEIapply such as file uploads. If you opt to make a file upload field required, a tiny asterisk (*) will appear next to it and an error message will display whenever the wrong file type is upload, it is too large or if no file is uploaded and the applicant attempts to submit while it is left blank.