Working to solve UK Grammar Schools Admissions

There are 164 Grammar Schools in the UK
Ever wondered how much it costs for them to process Admissions each year?

The Research

At the beginning of 2015 we reached out to a cross-section of Grammar Schools across the country asking them to share their frustrations on the various processes relating to managing Grammar School applications. On top of the list in most responses was the overall cost of running these annual recruitment events. We calculated total average spend across all Grammar schools from the responses received. Using this data we put together an info-graphic to showcase our findings visually.

Get Involved

As Grammar School applicant numbers continue to rise year on year, we believe that the need for a central, paperless admissions solution has never been greater. Based on the feedback we received, we have taken the first steps towards developing an innovative software tool designed to significantly reduce the cost relating to managing and processing Grammar School applications and are now looking for partners to get involved. Primarily this involves converting manual application practices into online processes built around a common workflow.


Get Involved

We would love to hear from Grammar Schools who are interested in a partnership with us. To learn more, please get in touch with us here