Take control of your application form and make it work for you

Application Forms

The Application Form will be Your Application Form.
It will be in multiple languages that you allow, and submitted in any language you can process.
Graduates can save, logout and return to the application form to complete at a later stage.
Graduates can review application form prior to submission, and once submitted can read only and download the completed application form.

You can benefit from these principal question types available to you with HEIapply Application Form Creator:
• Single Line Text
• Paragraph Text Box
• Customisable Text Box sizes
• Radio yes/no
• Radio Buttons, pick one, where you are in control of the options to select from
• Dates, with input controls of defaulted to today, or limited to a max/min, before or after today.
• Number/Integer, within a set maximum/minimum if required
• Country List
• Nationality List
• Drop downs selection, pick one where you are in control of the options to select from, to assist with data consistency
• Check Box, select many, where you are in control of the options to select from
• Data retrieval, where read only data can be retrieved from the system to prevent the need for duplicate entry
• File Uploads, as many, with max file size, and restricted file type if you need
• Additional Tables for multiple records for one Applicant, i.e.
– Educational Details,
– Employment History,
– Professional Experience History
– Work Experience Details etc.
• Plus many more that we are adding all the time …

Other Functionality available to improve usability:
• Multiple Pages so you can separate out questions onto simple, clean and logical pages, and restrict access to Pages depending on Programme.
• Conditional Fields – show questions based upon previous answers already provided (i.e. if the Applicant answers “Mexico” then ask questions relating to “Mexico”
• Written Instructions, Headings and Sub Heading to aid usability, with “Previous”, “Save”, “Save and Continue” buttons to navigate between Application Form pages.
• Fully controllable content at the top of each Application Form Page through the Admin Portal
• Default values can be set
• Questions can be marked as mandatory, and checked against before submission
• On screen “help” pop-ups can be configured
• Native Language, enable your applicants to pick the native language that the Application Form displays
• Add in Google Translate
• Payments can be added, depending on your Add Ons that you selected.
• Include Supplementary Forms in your Application Process
• Have multiple Routes
• Postcode Lookup to your Application form to ensure consistent and complete addresses (UK only)
We have very few graduates reporting a usability issue, and have not experienced the need to offer training to graduate, suggesting that the Application Portal is intuitive and easy to use.