See the entire Volunteer journey at a glance, filter and toggle to find what you need


Each Volunteer has a Volunteer Profile where the timeline clearly shows the total journey from the start to the latest interaction.

The timeline can be filtered to show just what you need, including:

  • “Checkpoints” a record of when the Volunteer move from one stage of the process to another, all the way through to the final stage of your process, whatever that is

  • “Automated Notifications” sent to/from the Volunteer

  • “Private Messages” sent to/from the Volunteer

  • “File Uploads” when the Volunteer or you upload a file, with quick access to view the file

  • “Reviews” submitted by the “Reviewers”

  • “Offers” made to the Volunteer

  • “Payments” made by the Volunteer

  • “External References” when an invited Referee has submitted a reference for the Volunteer

  • “Internal Notes” added by team members