See the entire Applicant journey at a glance, filter and toggle to find what you need


Each Applicant has an Applicant Profile where the timeline clearly shows the total journey from the start to the latest interaction.

The timeline can be filtered to show just what you need, including:

  • “Checkpoints” a record of when the Applicant move from one stage of the process to another, all the way through to the final stage of your process, whatever that is

  • “Automated Notifications” sent to/from the Applicant

  • “Private Messages” sent to/from the applicant

  • “File Uploads” when the applicant or you upload a file, with quick access to view the file

  • “Reviews” submitted by the “Reviewers”

  • “Offers” made to the Applicant

  • “Payments” made by the Applicant

  • “External References” when an invited Referee has submitted a reference for the Applicant

  • “Internal Notes” added by team members