Process application forms that you receive on paper or via email as if they had been submitted by the graduate

Application Forms

Where you receive Application Form via email, you will be able to easily create an Applicant Profile, upload the Application Form that you received via email, and process as you would if they had submitted online.
• retain the “download, fill in and email us your application form” channel if you wish
• set-up applicant accounts, add critical information and upload whole application forms as files attached to the applicant’s profile – even without the graduate doing anything
• submit the application on their behalf
• Invite the graduate to login at a later date and confirm/edit their own application data and continue the application journey online
• Assist graduates to channel shift to online even for those not confident with technology
Particularly helpful for those parents that do not usually use online systems, or don’t have reliable connection to the internet.
Don’t let that stop you moving your application form online and realising the benefits of doing so.