Make changes to your Volunteer Portal with ease

Getting Started

  • The volunteer will be familiar with the Volunteer Portal, because it will look like your website

  • We will apply your branding

  • You are in control of the content of the Home Page, and the Quicklinks Pages on the side

  • You can have as many pages, which have as much content as you like (text, images, documents to download) in whatever language you want

  • Typical pages include “Frequently Asked Questions” and “Applicant Guidance”

  • The portal can be accessed directly from your existing website by adding a link and/or button from your website to https://[yoursubdomain].heiapply.com/application

  • Volunteer Register page can have the questions that are most important to you to collect

  • Secure password protocols protect the Volunteer from setting weak passwords

  • Volunteer Portal can have Communication Inbox, News and Updates and clear and simple access to edit and submit your Application Forms, and Supplementary Forms if you have any

  • Resources to download to support your applicant can be included in the “News and Updates” or part of an Application Form page