Create bulk email lists from the volunteer data already inside the system

Applicant Communication

  • Allow volunteers to be added automatically to defined email lists – avoid the need to download, clean up and upload email lists

  • include setting “send from” and “reply to” email addresses, email header and footer

  • Monitor the success of bulk email campaigns, track receipt, opens and click-through statistic to monitor engagement

The HEIapply Bulk Emails feature is made up of Email List and Campaign management. It allows you to create and send your own personalised messages in bulk to multiple contacts and monitor the success of each email.

There is no need to export out your list and upload it to a third party mailing tool. Email Lists are created using filters and pull from the live data records of volunteers. This means that every time your volunteers move stages, the filtered list is automatically updated. You do not need to re-upload anything the next time you use it.

Personalising email messages is also just easy. Since required field details (such as first name) are a necessary part of your initial application forms, this basic but significant detail has already been captured and placed neatly into your filtered list. Defined by you, mail merge shortcuts are created by us to enable powerful personalisation shortcuts like ‘{{name}}’ in your email messaging.


After you have sent off emails to the intended recipient list, you’ll discover statistics on the overall campaign performance.The open rate of your email is a good indicator for how well your subject line did. Meanwhile the number of clicks tell you just how good you’re doing on your content. Be sure to monitor the success of your campaigns!