Collect information from your parents at the right time in your processes


Not only is it your Application Form, that can adapt depending on the Programme that they are applying for; but also Supplementary Forms can be introduced to create a two stage application process, a post-offer/acceptance registration form, or an early leaver/exit/evaluation form, as you wish.

You can also introduce multi-stage Application Process, by requiring important files to be submitted only as part of a later stage (i.e. only after accepting an offer does the parent need to submit a additional information)

Here are some examples of supplementary forms that we have embedded:

  • Enquiry Form

  • Disability Form

  • Registration Form

  • Booking Form

  • Enrolment Form

  • Additional Learner Support Needs Form

  • Feedback Form from Reviewers

  • re-registration forms

  • Safeguarding Form

  • Immigration History Form

  • Bursary Application Form

  • Evaluation Form

  • Ethnicity Form

  • Scholarship Application Form

  • Feedback Form from Applicant