Carry on using your favourite systems


Pipedrive – for managing recruitment conversion into applicants, and overarching “CRM” functionality, although you can use HEIapply to do this.

Mailchimp – for managing email campaigns, drip feed content to encourage conversion, although you can use HEIapply to do this with “Bulk Emails” add on.

Googledrive – for managing documents, HEIapply only provides document management for file uploads relating to Applicants

Salesforce – for other sales processes in your organisation, although you could look at bringing over other processes to HEIapply as well as your admissions and application processes

Naviance – for uni guidance

InResonance – for student life

Hobsons – for enquiry management, although you can use HEIapply to do this with “Enquiry Management” add on.

Formstack – for adhoc forms, although you can use HEIapply to do this with adding “supplementary forms” to your application process.

Excel – everyone’s ‘go-to’ tool for data analysis. You will continue to use Excel for adhoc reporting, but we encourage you to share with us excel spreadsheets, pivot tables and reports that you have produced to explore bringing them into HEIapply

Finance – HEIapply is not a Finance System. You can export journal entries for import into your finance system (AX, Sun Microsystems, Sage, Quickbooks etc.)

MIS/SIS – We expect you to export data from HEIapply into your MIS/SIS system (Capita SIMS, iSAMS, Tribal SITS etc.). To help you we can connect via GroupCall, or provide you with a regular import file.