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The need for a flexible system that could integrate with existing software
One that was capable of admitting learners from nursery to sixth form level

Why we are powering the apply now button

Grace and Knowledge underpin the ethos of Hamilton College, a Christian independent school in Scotland for ages 3 - 18 years. Understanding the importance of a pupil's first impression of a school, Hamilton College place a lot of stock in their open days, and managing attendance and subsequent application has become a critical part of their admissions process.

We partnered with WCBS, experts in providing software to the International and Independent School sector, and established HUBApply as the flexible admissions system Hamilton College required for parents, carers, guardians and even pupils across a broad spectrum of educational levels. The system makes it easy to manages enquiries and open day attendance.

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Challenge One

An admission process that is relevant to parents

Parents applying for places at Hamilton College can do so at many points in their children's educational journey. This requires an admission process that takes account of the level of study and the age of the children.

Challenge Two

The importance of the first impression

Hamilton College is a special learning environment, one that prides itself on a warm welcome. Staff know the importance of open days as introductions to this environment and want to ensure that the process of booking to attend an open day is smooth and straightforward.

Challenge Three

Engage parents even before they apply

Balancing enquiries from prospective families with the entry requirements for the college and offering the right number of places to ensure good class sizes and an individual learning experience is complex.



Relevant application journey for parents
HUBapply provides forms customised to specific levels of entry for pupils, allowing parents to engage with relevant information and complete forms tailored to their child's educational level.


Easy booking for open days and taster events
HUBapply enables parents and prospective pupils to book on an open day online, enabling staff to manage attendance and follow-up much more easily than with their former paper-based processes.


Track progress of applications from enquiry, through submission to offer acceptance
HUBapply allows staff to see parents and pupils progress through the stages of admission, even before an application is submitted.

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We used a blend of features and functionality to create the ultimate applicant journey for Hamilton College applicants using the following solutions:
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